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Freedom Softwash uses only non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals in our soft washing tools, meaning we’ll clean your property without the usual hard, blasting methods usually associated with pressure cleaning.

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A couple of decades ago, detergents, algaecides, and mold inhibitors were blended with bleach and water – with no research or measurements – and used in the residential and commercial building cleaning industry.

Fast forward to today, researched, tested, and honest, the technique known as ‘soft washing’ has revolutionized the way home- and business owners approach roof and exterior building cleaning. Today’s chemical solutions are much more carefully metered – and applied without the harsh pressures of yesterday’s high-powered pressure washers.

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What Is Soft Washing?

If it’s soft, how can it clean anything? Well, soft washing techniques, equipment, and cleansers are specially formulated for cleaning very specific portions of your home or business. There are cleaning tasks that soft washing can and cannot accomplish, so what are the benefits of this cleaning technique?

The soft washing technique was originally designed as a method for homeowners to remove the sallow stains of algae from their roofs. A shingled roof was designed to maintain the stability of a home or other building’s roofing structure. The nature of the shingle itself, while it is designed to protect the underlying structure, is also very prone to weathering, moisture, and other elements, such as degradation by ultraviolet rays. The shingle is meant to be protection, yet has no protective barrier for itself. While this type of roof is meant to last about 30 years, depending on the aforementioned factors, it can be much less – but even longer if taken care of properly.

Many regions around the world experience damaging hailstorms, the likes of which can strip away much of the shingle roof’s aggregate, which can dramatically reduce the life of your roof and lead to a need for replacement.

As the effects of time, weather, and natural algae growth begin to age your roof, you might think pressure washing is the only answer. But the effects of pressure washing on your roof are very similar to those of a bitter hailstorm. Due to this, a lot of shingle manufacturers will void your roof’s warranty if it’s deemed that pressure washing is to blame for its decay.

This is where Freedom Softwash comes in. Think of soft washing more like pest control than pressure washing. Freedom Softwash addresses the nature of your roof’s discoloration – natural algae organisms – and treats the cause rather than the symptom - like any good doctor would. We can help you rid your roof, deck, fencing, and driveway of discoloration without degrading your property. Freedom Softwash is certified by Spraywash Academy, UAMCC, and the PWRA Association.


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