Business owners must keep their property safe and tidy.
If the siding, awning, deck, patio, fence, or concrete surfaces have experienced discoloration due to the buildup of mold or mildew – or they’re just plain dirty – Freedom Softwash can completely sterilize your building’s exterior fixtures – even the worst ones.
We use only SoftWash Systems’ proprietary cleansers, treatments, and conditioners to guarantee your business looks brand new again. We’re equipped to handle even the largest of properties, including:

  • Malls
  • Storefronts
  • Dining establishments
  • Offices
  • Parking garages
  • And much more…

Does your commercial property need soft washing?

Time and the elements can wreak havoc on all types of surfaces, from stone to wood to concrete. These surfaces can begin to look dull, faded, and damaged. But before considering resurfacing or replacing, you should explore the potential of soft washing.
This is because, normally, a darkened appearance to your exterior features is actually caused by a bacterium that’s found in the air. It travels along the breeze, and when it lands on a surface, it attaches and begins to grow. If allowed to continue to grow, these bacteria can cause stress and damage to your commercial property. Freedom Softwash provides services for exactly this type of property strain.

Why should you choose a soft washing system for commercial property?

While you have probably considered traditional pressure washing to renew your building’s façade, you should know that typical power washing, while it appears to clean your surfaces, actually leaves residual mold and mildew behind – it only removes a topical layer and doesn’t kill the infection. Soft washing systems kill the infection.
Soft washing also restores and preserves your property. Mold can become slippery on walkways if it’s left to grow unchecked – by eradicating the infection, your property becomes much safer and dramatically cuts the potential for slip-and-falls.
Freedom Softwash uses only products from SoftWash Systems. These cleansers, treatments, and conditioners are environmentally friendly, and the delivery system uses a much lower psi than that of traditional pressure washing systems. Your commercial surfaces are cleaned thoroughly without damaging them. Contact Freedom Softwash today to see how we can spruce up your commercial investment.