Freedom Softwash is an effective method of cleaning your roof. It’s safe on shingles and maintains the life cycle of your roof. Contact us to schedule a time to have your roof soft washed with our SoftWash Systems biodegradable, non-toxic treatment that prevents new molds, mildews, algae, and mosses from taking up residence for up to 6 times longer than traditional pressure washing services. If you have any questions about the service or the treatments used, contact us today.

According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer's Association (ARMA), algae is the number one reason your roof becomes discolored over time. The growth of this fungus roots itself deep within your shingles, and takes much more than a bit of scrubbing to remove entirely. But - ARMA warns that traditional high-pressure washing systems should not be used on your roofing shingles, and for two reasons:
  • High-pressure washing systems can degrade your shingles and shortening their lifespan
  • High-pressure only removes surface level debris and doesn't get at the root of the issue - the algae growth
The best aspect of having your roof cleaned by us is the promise of no damage. Our soft washing is performed with little to no pressure, unlike traditional pressure washing that can seriously shorten the life cycle of your roof.
SoftWash Systems’ proprietary blend of cleansers kills all mold and mildew, eradicating those green stains and black streaks. The application process won’t damage your shingles or any of the layers beneath. All roofing is delicate and needs to be handled with care. We have dedicated ourselves to not just the removal of these stains, but to understanding what it is, why it develops, and how best to remove it without damaging any surfaces or structures. By using our soft wash service, these contaminants are removed properly and won’t return for up to six times longer than traditional pressure washing.

If you'd like to see what Freedom Softwash can do for your home's roof, call us today.