If you’re looking for a gentle but thorough means of cleaning the concrete or brick structures and surfaces around your property, we provide a soft washing technique that’s safe for use on all concrete slabs, brick façades, driveways, and much more.
Your driveway is one of the most heavily used portions of your property, subject to all types of soils, greases, and oils, in addition to the weathering and biological effects of being outdoors. Rather than opting for a brand new driveway or traditional pressure washing that can damage your concrete, soft washing is much gentler and much more cost-efficient. Not to mention that if you have any types of gardens or other delicate flora near your driveway, these can also be harmed during a high-pressure cleaning.
Freedom Softwash performs a risk assessment prior to beginning any cleaning activity. If your driveway has not been seal-coated, a simple soft wash treatment will remove mildew or other unsightly buildups. If your driveway is coated, there may be preparatory work necessary to ensure treatment will be effective.
The type of concrete surface is also taken into consideration. For instance, depending on your driveway’s composition, we can vary our cleansing materials to best approach your specific surface.
A typical treatment is usually as follows:

  • 1 Surface cleansing for preparation – broom or leaf blower
  • 2 Manual washing to loosen set-in road grimes, such as oil
  • 3 Our SoftWash Systems treatment is applied to remove rust stains, if applicable
  • 4 Edging and landscaping will be adequately protected prior to beginning the soft washing technique
  • 5 After this preparation, the appropriate SoftWash Systems blend is applied to remove bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi.
  • 6 Minimal pressure is then applied to reveal your stunningly clean concrete beneath
If so desired, traditional high-pressure cleaning is also available for your concrete surfaces in conjunction with our surface cleaner. First, we pretreat your concrete with our softwashing chemicals. Then, we use traditional power washing with high-pressure to remove more heavily laden soils. After, we'll again treat the concrete surface with our SoftWash Systems algaecide to be certain all traces of the fungus have been removed.

To see what Freedom Softwash can do for your concrete surfaces, contact us today.